To be able to follow a race and understand what is said at the race track it might be good to know a few of the words that are used in the world of horse racing. Here is a dictionary with some of the more common words.

Across the Board – Actually three wagers. A bet on a horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins, the player collects in three ways. If the horse comes in second, the player collect in two way; and if third, one way.

Also-eligible – A horse that’s entered in the race but who can only start if another horse is scratched.

Backstretch – The straight portion of the far side fn the track.

Barrier – The starting position of the horse in the stall are called barrier. Before every race a barrier draw is held to decide in which positions the horses will start. Can also be called Gate.

Blanket win – When two horses finishes so close for the win that it would be possible to put a single blanket across them.

Boxed in – Is said about a horse that is racing on the rails and are surrounded by other competitors. To be boxed in can be disastrous because the horse is unable to gain any positions in the race.

Colors – A colorful silk worn by the jockeys in the race. Makes it easier to differentiate the horses during the race and from a far distance.

Correct weight – After a race the winner must be checked so the weight that the horse have been carrying during the race are correct. Bets that are played on the winner is not payed out if the weight is wrong.

Dead heat – Is said about a race when two or more horses finish exactly at the same time and the winner can’t be decided, not even after a photo finish.

Group races – The most prestigious of races where the best of the best compete and the prize money is the highest.

Home turn – The last turn of the course before the home straight. This is where a lot of races are decided and you always want a good position and fresh horse at the home turn.

Inquiry – If the stipendiary stewards that are in control of the race have seen foul play or interference during a race the may call an inquiry. If any of the horses are ruled to have done something that is not allowed the outcome of the race might be changed and contestants disqualified.

Stayer – A horse that is good over a long distance is called a stayer. Lots of stamina but might not be as good at sprints as in the staying races.

Winning post – The same thing as the finish line. First runner to pass the winning post wins the race.

V75 – The most popular Swedish betting form for trotting. To win you must pick the 5,6 or 7 winning horses.

V86 – A popular Swedish betting form for trotting, with the races on Wednesdays. To win you must pick the 6,7 or 8 winning horses.

V64 – A popular Swedish betting form for trotting, with races several times a week. To win you must pick the 4,5 or 6 winning horses.

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